Rare 'nznsi' engined piazza for sale...

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Rare 'nznsi' engined piazza for sale...

Post by growler »

<i>Q: Hi, Is it a g200 or a 4zc1 engine? How much for the dizzy? Thanks

A: it has 'nznsi' on the head cover and ecgi on it as well as I say you can call me and give me an offer and I can start an auction with buy now for you</i>

BWAHAHAHA!!! Its a little known fact that LHD Piazzas had engines by isuzu, whereas RHD Piazzas had engines by nznsi...

As seen on www.trademe.co.nz
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Post by Chris »

lmao, some people dont deserve a license

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Re: Rare 'nznsi' engined piazza for sale...

Post by 117Coupe »

And JR120 is turbo and JR130 is non-turbo. :yawinkle:
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Post by Bugle »

Ask him if he'll sell the 710 cap :)
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