Eyeconic's Impulse/Piazza project

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Re: Eyeconic's Impulse/Piazza project

Post by eyecon » Mon Jan 27, 2020 10:13 pm

Next up. Change over the crappy SAAS steering wheel.
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Changing the wheel wasn’t straight forward because the boss kit needed to be changed too. Finding a Momo boss kit for a Piazza proved a challenge because they stopped producing them years ago. Doing some digging around on the DUB DUB DUB and was able to find the part number which is #4600. It then took a while before a used one popped up on eBay, and then another one (brand new) on eBay a month or so later. So I bought both of them. Both boss kits had the stamping C 4600. Incidentally, the used boss kit came off an old Isuzu Chevette from Uruguay.
34F8AE1D-44DB-4155-A947-09F502DECDE7.jpeg (72.76 KiB) Viewed 384 times
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I figured this was of no significance, but as Giorgetto Giugiaro later pointed in my correspondence with him, they are actually for the later HBL Piazzas. They do fit the pre-HBLs like our Aussie Piazzas too in terms spline and shaft size etc, but the horn contact ring sits about 20mm away from the original contact point.
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But it so happens the horn contact ring can be repositioned easily, so I araldited the ring to where it makes contact. Problem solved! Steering wheel and horn button was then fitted. All good. Much happier with the new look.
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On a seperate note I played around with the second of the C 4600 boss kits. On this one I cut down the shaft ‘snout’ 19mm with a hack saw and placed the cut bit inside the boss to maintain the height of the snout (but in the other direction). Interesting to note the size of the air bubble in the casting after cutting it open. I haven’t installed this boss kit to see how well it fits down the steering shaft spline, but I will one day. But for now I’ll put it in storage.
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Re: Eyeconic's Impulse/Piazza project

Post by eyecon » Tue Jan 28, 2020 4:11 pm

Decided to continue with on with the theme of freshening-up the interior with some modern touches. This time I focused on the centre hand brake cover and centre console. They were removed, the faux texture was then sanded down and smoothed out, spray painted with a metallic dark grey, and sealed with a few coats of clear. Once dry I used a cutting compound to get the clear coat looking smoother and glossier.
71B2A49A-CF20-4CA2-8895-444A870999F1.jpeg (25.7 KiB) Viewed 379 times
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This dark grey colour was chosen because I wanted it to be a nod to the original factory grey colour, but with a shiny metallic twist. For those interested in the colour here it is below:
DC19CD93-3B18-4281-B8B6-698E7263E65C.jpeg (23.74 KiB) Viewed 377 times

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