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THE BOOK: Figures and what is your opinion on this book?

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 10:22 am
by Chris
Interested buying the book?

People who purchased the book please let others know your thoughts and opinions.

- Is it worth the money?
- Was it informative?
- Covered everything there is to know about the piazza?
- Did the book help the piazza community?
- Are you proud of it?

Any comments good or bad are appreciated here.

Also I have just got of the phone with the puplicist and the person who worked very close with chris and joe from start to finish who has reveald to us the sales and puplication figures. Thank you very much.

Total printed:
6000 units

Total sold:
aprox 5000 units

When speaking to this person and telling her about us and the club she said and I quote "OMG, I didnt even know their was a club/ community in australia for piazza enthusiasts..". She was very supprised. lol :rock:

Anyway, post your comments here please and vote:

You can also let the guys know what you thought about the book by emailing them directly:
Sure there be happy to know what your thoughts are.

(Voting is completely confidential so don’t be afraid to voice your honest opinion.)

If your interested in buying the book or get more info click here:

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:05 pm
by eyecon
As a late bloomer on this forum, and having picked up the book in late Jan this year, I have read almost half way. As Whilst reading the book the obvious thing I'm picking up here us the lack of pictures. Would have been really nice seeing at least some of the cars, as well as some scenic travel shots mixed in. Maybe there's zn explanation at the end of the book. Any way, back to reading...

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:30 pm
by eyecon
Also would have been useful if the two writers demonstrated some research skills about the car's demise in Oz. They could then explain how the boofheads at Holden were able to stuff up the car's handling and price-point so bad, and then single handedly send the Piazza brand to it's undeserved grave so quickly in Oz. There's a reason why Holden prefer to forget the Piazza's introduction into Oz. It's called incompetance

A couple of paragraphs at the beginning of the book, or even better at the back cover, would have given the perfect chance to set the record straight, and perhaps generated more interest from non Piazza owners. Greatly missed opportunity here boys.