Diff, upper balljoint and grille clips

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Post by Bugle » Thu Aug 25, 2005 1:06 am

A few things I can remember right now

Differential stuff if anyone else is game enough to rebuild one :)

Collapsible spacer
Holden don't have any Piazza ones. This rodeo one is the same. Isuzu part number 8-94472118-0

Bearings part numbers, standard NSK.
Pinion front bearing - HR 30306C
Pinion rear bearing - HR 32307C
Carrier bearing inner race/rollers/cage - LM 501349a
Carrier bearing cup - LM 501310

Don't have a part number for the pinion seal just took my old one to the bearing/seal shop and they matched it to an 80s Jackaroo one.

2nd hand bits

Don't have the part numbers here but there's no need when they're just Gemini bits..

Upper suspension arm and balljoint is the same as RWD Gemini
Rear upper spring rubber is the same as RWD Gemini
Wheel studs are the same part number as RB Gemini, $10 each from Holden or free ones at the wreckers.

Grille clips are the same as RB Gemini

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