Standard and upgraded injectors

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Standard and upgraded injectors

Post by Bugle » Fri Sep 16, 2005 6:18 pm

JECS (Japanese Electronic Control Systems) brand
Part numbers on my standard injectors:
5140 6210N

6210N being a batch number or something like that, varies between the same injectors on different examples of the same engine.

Same as Nissan E15ET (Pulsar ET and EXA Turbo).

Equivalent to Bosch part number 0280150775 which is available through Coventries for $157.20 each.
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Post by ozzie » Thu Sep 22, 2005 5:20 pm

for any one out there that are chasing a higher cc injector
ive found a bolt in injector which is 500cc insted of the standard one being 220cc.

the bosch part that are 500cc item is 0280 150 036
hope this can help some people
cheers ozzie

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Post by speedracerles » Fri Mar 27, 2009 4:59 pm

Yo thanks alot man I've been looking for some bigger injectors for a long time now, with it change the fill of the car I mean like the ride not the power. I geuss what Im asking is what other thing do i need to do to set this up right? Hit me back when you can peace....

Oh yeah thanks....
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