1986 Holden Piazza Head Gasket - Wanted To Buy.

After a Piazza or just some parts. Here's the place to go.
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Post by IZU069 » Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:22 pm

I figure stock would still be around....

But I started searching when their phone number wasn't connected... whatever. The address etc on web & google & colored-pages were all the same. The I found something about receivership...

In fact google acl receivership and there is heaps...
Here's one that involves the Karpin Klub...
"ADMINISTRATORS of Automotive Components Ltd will continue to investigate potential offences by directors and management at the Rocherlea-based company.....
Concerns have been raised about salary and termination payments made to ACL directors from July 2008 as well as the dispersal of the Federal Government's $5.5 million grant, which was received by the company on July 8.
By August 14, ACL revised its budget forecasts to show that it would run out of cash during October.
ACL went into administration on August 26 and receivers and managers were also appointed to restructure the business for sale.

Those Karpins have probably already bought their Antarctic estates.
(Geez I am narky today!)

But maybe someone else bought them - that was post-Costello - he would have recommended they shut down. (Costello is the former treasurer that recommended Aussie business farm jobs overseas if it meant greater profits. That government was never big on national security - it made us all lerts (but not targets of course!).)

Geez - I am narky this morning too!
IZU069 - ISUZU means a lot to me.

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