After a Piazza or just some parts. Here's the place to go.
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Post by piazza-crx » Sun Apr 23, 2006 1:25 pm

Hi guys, yeh i know i havent posted here in ages but im still alive, dont worry.... just had a new SA owner join and he sent me this:

"Hello have just swapped my car for the piazza here in SA advertised on your site had it a week and clutch has gone to the floor !! ,no leakage from resivouir so suspect further down but would like to know where bleed of nipple is,car is lowered and yes have all spare parts imaginable including some USA parts.
Would like to know if anyone can help me as is a nice car but not with no clutch,spare parts are a handful so can sell or give away for free.
Would like to join your club officially too as i said nice car to drive and you get some amazing looks while your in it especially from younger drivers with thier so called faster cars.
Would value info
Much appreciated

So if anyone could help out let me or him know.

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Post by Rodeobob » Sun Apr 23, 2006 10:52 pm

He said in the other thread its stuck on the floor.

Most likely a Hydraulic problem.
Hook your toe under the pedal and pull it back up.
Pump the pedal.
If it sticks down again hook your toe under it agian.
After doing it a few times it should free up.

The clutch return spring/s is/are not very heavy.

If it doesnt work the master or slave cylinder are RS id say.

Mine did it to me a few weeks back. Its been sitting around for months and not touched. Lifed the pedal back up and its been fine ever since. And yeah i crapped when it did it. lol.

Its all sweet now, in the shed up on stands.

Cheers. Bob.
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Post by brendan » Tue Apr 25, 2006 9:37 am

my mates piazza did the same thing, clutch went to the floor when just changing gears, ended up being the clutch fork had broken and let the slave cylinder piston come out
e.g Big pain in the ass

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