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Post by Rodeobob » Thu Feb 01, 2007 4:05 pm

Bugle wrote:Are Jackaroo/Rodeo uni joints rebuildable?
Geminis probably better due to there being so many more Geminis around wreckers easier to find the different splines..
Yep, replaceable, thats why i suggested it.

The early Shuttle arent (small fine spline) but that later ones are but its the same yolk as the Piazza. The 4x4 boxes are the same yolk as the Piazza.

The 2x4 Rodeos/Luv's had the same gearboxes as the Geminis, so thats fine and coarse small yolk. Theres plenty of Luvs and Rodeos about.

The unis look the same, Rodeo/Jackaroo/Luv

Ive got a Jackaroo shaft here at home, i grabbed it out of the parts van with the intention of putting the yolk on the one piece tailshaft in the Luv/KB so i could put a TF box in it.

Ive got the Piazza in the shed that i sold the motor out of. Will be pulling the motor out soon, when i do i will compare the shafts. My hunch is that the Jackaroo shaft will be a close match with the diameter, flanges, centre bearing etc. The Jackaroo shaft has replaceable unis so that way you can swap the yolks easily if need be at a later date.

Cheers, Bob.
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Post by Bugle » Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:04 pm

Wonder why they decided to use those shitty unis on the Piazza then, the bastards!

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