Need a driveshaft

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Need a driveshaft

Post by Letroizef » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:24 pm

Hi All,
Does anyone have a driveshaft (or at least the yoke) to fit Piazza 1985 non turbo gearbox? Feel free to text me on 021 790 673 if you might have something (regardless of condition) :yawinkle:

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Post by IZU069 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:19 pm

I may have one but yokes should be available. However they vary.

I have 2 - both automatics (which often have a larger spline) but one uses traditional Isuzu (Bellett, Florian etc) 1" UJ (uni-joints) with outside circlips which i'm keeping whilst the other has the typical large diameter UJ caps like Geminis (inside circlips).
There may also be a smaller swaged version - like the 1" UJs but seemingly irreplaceable (though some claim they are replaceable).

Though earlier Isuzu gearbox output shafts progressed from 1" x10 course spline to 1" fine spline, and later larger fine splines, yours should be a fine spline, and probably the 1" version. (Clutch plates has a similar migration.)
I'm not sure if (RWD) Geminis had the larger fines (they started with 1" course but most were 1" fine) but other Isuzus (Rodeo, Jackaroo) also had the larger fines.
As i recall, the largest as found on automatics are the same spline as Commodores (eg VN??) but i may be confusing the manuals (larger than 1" but smaller than some autos).

I'd suggest measuring your spline diameter - ie, outer seal-surface diameter. That should be enough to determine which you require. And of course if you only get the spline/yoke you need to match the UJ.

I'd presume Geminis won't fit unless your diff is the torque-tube version though it wouldn't surprise me if bits interchange - ie could bolt the Piazza rear to the Gemini front. Isuzu often maintained flange compatibility between models (along with other things... Yay!) and the Piazza was built on a Gemini - not that that means interchangeability.

I may get out and measure my shaft diameters later. I might also compare gearbox lengths (auto vs manual) in case autos are different length to manuals (i think they are the same).

I'm in Melbourne if you want the full shaft. I'd suggest a cut&shut job would be cheaper than me posting the full shaft. Furthermore it should have the advantage of being balanced.
I had a shaft shortened and balanced (with new UJs that i supplied) about 10 years ago and that cost ~$120 which imo is ok for the balancing alone.

BTW - my Piazzas are both Aussie 4ZC1-t which are NOT torque tube types. Yours is obviously an import if you are in Australia.
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