Found some history on Piazzas

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Found some history on Piazzas

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Hey all,
If this is a repost feel free to ignore/flame, but I don't usually use this site (at all) as I don't have a Piazza, and I found the page and had to put it up somewhere incase it had gone undiscovered.

Most of the linked pages are in Japanese, but you can use AltaVista BabelFish Translator. Un-translated:
Translated (some of it doesn't make sense, but oh well): ...

If that doesn't work then go to and go translate web page. lol "1977 summer, the time where it boils the super in car boom which at one time does not have the Japanese entire country, fetal movement of ピアッツァstarted." Fetal movement, wtf? And it keeps saying "oh, soviet union"...

Anyway I hope this is of some use to someone.
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