Piazza numbers.

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Piazza numbers.

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Hi there,
I am sure some knowledgable member will be able to help me with a question that I have. Just how many Piazzas are there on Australian and New Zealand roads? Are the Holden and Isuzu models equally rare?
I don't get down to Perth very often but I can count on one hand the number of Piazzas that I have ever seen there. I would estimate perhaps six or so still on the road and the same again in various states of disrepair. If any one has got some figures for Aust. and N.Z. I think it would be of interest to users of this site.
Thanks, sbs.
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Post by wedgenut »

Been there done that, if you browse through the various topics you find a thread by Chris which gave some info on the OZ numbers, I posted some info a couple of years ago for NZ when there were a total of 308 still "on the books" in NZ from 1981-1989 but only 200 odd were still on the "active" list (on the road legally)

Holden version not sold in NZ, only non turbo Isuzu sold new. Turbos here are used imports ex japan, numbers of those are unclear as the registration records don't differentiate between turbo and non turbo. We also got a few of the early (1981-83) DOHC models which you wouldn't have seen as you only got Piazzas towarsds the end of their production life
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