Isuzu Piazza / Trooper equal parts ?

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Isuzu Piazza / Trooper equal parts ?

Post by Piazzish »

I regularly find troopers at wreckers, and it irritates me that I don't have any idea what parts I can use for my Piazza.
Anyone who knows what to look for ?
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Post by IZU069 »


Troopers (Jackaroos) can have much in common with equivalent Rodeos (Fontera) etc, though there are some bewares.
EG - the ~1990s Rodeo 4ZE1 optical distributor is longer (or shorter?) with a different pickup (different connector AND out the side) to the Jackaroo 4ZE1 optical distributor (which has the same interchangeable guts as the 1980 onwards G200W Piazza dizzy).

For Piazzas the can be lots of same or similar.

The 1980s to 4ZE1 Jackaroo front windscreen washer bottles are the same as (1986) Piazza but lack the (Reed-switch) level sensor.
The rear washer bag is the same as rears for Jackaroo/Trooper etc and Bellett & Florian main washers. (The mighty "Kangaroo" bags.)

The pre-4ZE1 Rodeo & Jackaroo banjo diff centers will interchange directly with (1986) Piazza noting the 4.55 ratio difference. (Fit the 3.9 Piazza crown and pinion onto the open or LSD Rodeo/Jackaroo diff, but check meshing just in case...) (Same goes for older Florian & Wasp diff centers, though their crown & pinions cannot be used - they are 8 bolt versus 10-bolt.)

Suspension tends to be Gemini (iMark), not Trooper etc.

Pre-4ZE1 gearboxes can be interchangeable noting that front & rear splines may be different. (iMark/Gemini & 2WD Rodeo; Troopers/Jackaroos are 4WD; Belletts & Florians are 4 speed & like DOHC 117s have a LHS starter, but later separatable bell housings can be swapped.)
Prop-shaft splines from others may be used, and all have the older DIY replaceable 1" universal joint versions (that Belletts etc had).
Note too ratio differences - Rodeo have a lower 1st gear.
Many (early?) Piazzas have the 0.855 5th gear or similar, but I prefer the early Gemini 5th of 0.785.
The MU probably has my most sought ratios, but that might be the later/larger 4ZE1 type which I think can be used, but small differences exist. (Still a "yet to start" project, but it's also intended for later 4ZE1 box and maybe diff behind a G200W in Belletts, Florians etc.)
Piazza (turbo?) manual gearboxes also had a steel centre plate (unlike others with alloy) and were apparently stronger.
And all gearboxes have their various front plate types & configurations (with "bigger" iron plated ball-bearing layshaft being the strongest box, though needle bearings can be converted) and flywheel shaft diameters (16mm or 17mm).
But gearbox interchangeability is a topic on its own...

Engine wise...
I think 4ZE1 EFIs use a longer stroke, and longer crank (no? Don't 4E1 heads bolt on, or am I confusing G-Z heads?).
Other 4Z series might have the same crank & conrods.
All G-series and 4Z series share the same main and big-end bearings.
The plenum box and(?) manifold may be interchangeable (but use Piazza sensors etc).
But others know that stuff better than I - even Gemini forums. I thknk G-Z manifolds are "close" to 4Z manifolds. (I'm only in to older Isuzus with OHV engines, else the G180S (Jap SOHC) and G200W DOHC.)

Relays - Gemini/iMark, Rodeo, Jackaroo (until the 6 cyl engines), and some other Japs.

Gauges & speedos etc - well, not digital (I have a 1990 Jackaroo dash & gauges in my 1965 Wasp.)

Not wheels, disks, brakes... (Master cylinders?). Not the fuse box. (And who wants the Piazza's fuselinks? IMO upgrade flinks to the newer plastic types!)

Alternator - almost any ND alternator...

What else...?
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