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Yeah, the ICCA (Isuzu Car Club Australia) is interesting.
That formed from the very active Bellett-Gemini club of NSW (Australia).
Though the BGCC-NSW was active, its later newsletters were somewhat thin on technicalities mainly due to the legal liability issue. That was pre-www but the same philosophy may apply to the ICCA.
Their available parts tended not to be advertised BEFORE meetings. I suspect that way, the regulars had first dibs. Remaining sparts would then be advertised in the following newsletter.

Whereas the BGCC-NSW was "all Isuzu", my local BCCV (Bellett Car Club of Victoria) was essentially exclusively Belletts. Sparts were advertised before meetings so that all could have a go, though in early days we had sparts galore thanks to the work and investment by their 2nd treasurer.
[Note: recently had something about the recently retired/resigned BCCV 2nd(sic) treasurer - he was in fact the BCCV's 3rd treasurer. I point that out to prevent confusion with #2 who - apart from being a founding member - was the key to the BCCV's high balance sheet which has not significantly increased in real terms he resigned decades ago.]
It was #2 that got dozens of genuine GT Bellett disc pad sets which we bought for $5 a set (after-market sets then cost over $30); some 50+ sedan windscreens that sold for $25 (retail was over well $100); instigated a gasket supplier (a back-yarder that became an established company that still exists and is a well known gasket supplier) - not to mention various new parts from Japan etc.

Whereas the BGCC had strong monthly meetings where technical etc things would be discussed and shown, the BCCV's main medium was its newsletter. The BCCV's newsletter - later named "Bellettmania" - featured abundant articles on mods etc.
Legal aspects weren't as much a concern as the BCCV became a incorporated association - not that that necessarily protected authors! (Victoria had a cheap incorporation system for clubs and charities. It was a popular way to indemnify members from club or "severally" law suits.)

The BGCC had key members that were dedicated sparts and information gatherers. I believe it's thanks to one of those that Isuzu extended the normal Japanese policy of scraping all sparts after 20 years, hence why it is still possible to obtain G-W (DOHC) gasket kits to this day, though some of that may be thanks to the cottage industries that supply major manufacturers. (I know the 1971-1973 GT-R Bellett LSD centers were still obtainable after 2,000(CE) which was great for Bellett owners since its diff is unique, unlike its sister Wasp ute and Florian that shares the same diff-banjo as other Isuzus like the LUV, KB, Rodeo, Jackaroo/Trooper, and later Piazzas until the advent of the ~1990 2.6L EFI 4ZE1 engine.)

I'm not sure how the ICCA sits with the BOA (Bellett Owners of Australia) nor
The BOA was a splinter from the BCCV. It advertised National Bellett meetings, but they were (later?) by invite only. (!!) was started by some South Australian enthusiasts.
I don't know whether previous "National" meetings were BOA or functions.
IMO the only true National meetings were organised by the BGCC/ICCA several years ago. I think there were 5 yearly meetings, all held in Canberra (ACT; our national capital), and they were open to all Isuzus. (Yes, there were Piazzas.)
LOL - I wonder if the ICCA organised the recent meeting for harmony reasons. They are well aware of various happenings. Maybe they too heard that unless you are an organiser, don't expect a prize in the Concours! (As I recall, BGCC/ICCA concours judge's vehicles were exempted from prizes & awards, but they did apply known International Concours rules anyway.)
I was hoping to catch up with the ICCA at its recently organised Isuzu meeting at Merrimbula (southern NSW coast, mid-October 2012), but alas my employment situation let me fiscally short.
I too had been keen on more on the ICCA site. The ICCA was quiet for several years due to various issues, but I believe all that was resolved some years ago.
But I did get to meet the current ICCA President when I attended a Gemini meeting last Easter at Kiama (not-as-southern NSW coast), but time was too short to discuss the current club situation (LOL!).

So what has all this to do with Piazzas and Isuzuweb et al?
Well, aside from some hereon previously wanting to know more about the Bellett clubs etc - and ignoring early grumblings about the ICCA on - maybe I still hope for a larger community.
I was once keen for the BCCV to share more with the BGCC.
When the BGCC became the ICCA, there was discussion of a single website where the different sub-clubs or regions could become "chapters" - much like IsuzuPiazza and now have.
But that was not well met - maybe for self-identity & power-play reasons?
These days it may not be as desirable as some have a broader identity - eg, IsuzuPiazza and its international audience.

Ironically I find that factional or internal groups often miss out. Despite the BCCV 's Constitution (for Incorporation) stating that it is open to all Isuzus (with a note that it is not intended to be a "common" Gemini/i-Mark or an Isuzu truck club), they are essentially still all Belletts - maybe the odd Wasp ute or Florian. I consider that a loss. They are generally unaware of how the other models can enhance their Belletts.
By extension, they also missing out on other improvements. I suspect many are still fumbling with old externally regulated 25-35A alternators, old starter motors, points ignitions or aftermarket electronics. Meanwhile my 23A Wasp generator has long been replaced by a modern 90A alternator. Similarly it also uses an Isuzu reduction starter-motor, and an all-Isuzu electronic ignition (which is so good I ceased my cheap sequential CDI build!).

Perhaps an analogy for the Piazza would be the 4ZCt-1 EFI ECU which - if it were in need of replacement - would quite possibly be a common Delco. Ok, that's not Isuzu (nor is my alternator - older Isuzus don't take the Piazza & 4Z-engine ND alternator mountings), but it's one of the few equipment mods that I can envisage for the Piazza.
The Piazza has all the mod-cons that the older Isuzus don't have (though my Wasp now has electric windows; previous to that an LSD, and 5-speed gearbox, and metric speedo...).
Only the Piazza's electronics and wiring could or need be modified, but that's not tailor-made from other vehicles. I'm thinking f.ex of upgrading Piazza flinks (fuse-links) to modern plastic types (those wire-types were and still are shockers!), and the possibility of replacing that huge wiper controller with a matchbox-sized circuit, and even replacing the multitude of digi-dash circuit with a CPU equivalent (with enhanced functionality to provide more info with existing displays).
[The latter was to be a project after my self-learning sequential EFI & ignition... Boy I'm glad RodeoBob hasn't read this! Nor Poida for that matter!]

Ah well, enough of my ranting.
It must be the thought of clubbings that spurs me. (Oh the puns.)

Meanwhile I think we'll leave our bikini-clads for the SummerNats - a big annual car meet in Canberra held over the Australia Day (long?) weekend circa 26 January for SPL competitions, burn-outs, custom & muscle cars & rods, and consumption of alcohol - and nitrous!
IZU069 - ISUZU means a lot to me.
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Post by Piazza_man »

Sad these days, most people don't discern a difference between a brick and mortar car club, and a internet message board. Signing up for a user account and posting messages on the internet isn't quite the same as being an active participant in an organization.
The real clubs are using their websites as signposts, not as the focus of their activities. JR East, Senior Sense, Front Row Gemini, Team Club Sports, Going Club, Isuzu Circuit Meet, Bellett Club of Japan, Belle-G Club Japan. These are the most active Isuzu car clubs and they have little or no internet presence.
And looking over at a few more well known here, IPTOC's content has changed little since Clive took over. Past the first paragraph or two, and it's back to the seven plus year ongoing saga of not being able to get new fenders made. And the Isuzu Car Club Australia page is looking pretty stale too.

But the cars were made 20 years ago, there isn't a whole lot that has happened or been discovered about them, and less as time goes by. If anyone is looking for something new and different every day, these cars are not the subject to follow.

About the 2002 US show. The show promoters started out with a mature audience, and took that show heavily into youth car culture. Burnout contests, bikini contests, drunks staggering around, and plenty of fist fights. The club cancelled on that show in 2002, the same year that the national guard was called in to put down rioting and shootings at the show and in the town.
The club went to the Isuzu Owners Meeting in Kuragari that year.
Another US show has not emerged as a good alternative. The Long Beach show looks promising, but they prohibit cars below a certain age, which would block the more numerous FWD owning club members from participating.
Some interesting points you make there about the car club scene Makoto. It never gets that bad over here. Drunken yobbo activity? Yes from time to time and very difficult to extinguish that culture over here too. Shootings, stabbings etc, never. (Touch wood).

You're right about forum activity too, and as our cars get older and dwindle away so too will the activity. But at the same time it's forums such as this that become more and more valuable to users as time goes by. There are a few real car clubs over here but I wish they were closer to where I live. But I do enjoy the fact that the largest car show in Australia, Summernats, is only 10min from where I live. Heheh
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Post by IZU069 »

eyecon wrote:It never gets that bad over here. Drunken yobbo activity? Yes from time to time and very difficult to extinguish that culture over here too. Shootings, stabbings etc, never. (Touch wood).
Nah - our Committee members merely attempt to run people off the road.
Some phone interstate members of other clubs to threaten them.
And then there is the traditional backstabbing, lying, and character assassination. Club assassination too for that matter.
Meanwhile other members are oblivious to the reality or bias or only hear one side of the story. Baaa!

Luckily that is only one particular club that I know of, and it seems they have changed, or want to change. But they seem oblivious to their own history and furthermore, what damage has been done. They also seem to miss the IMO self evident "reality", but it seems many are swayed by the later rhetoric despite being at the scene themselves.
Not that I know if lies were deliberate or a case of bad memory. But it amazed me the way some did an entire about-face without acknowledgement despite also having burned members for the same years earlier. (Talk about reinventing the wheel - but long after the wheel nuts ran out of stock {... whilst others are using gravskids LOL - IMO that is being slow!}.)

But I'll drop this story here. There is enough video etc on the web that captures it.

As I have alluded, this is NOT one of those sites or associations.
And should it ever lean that way, I expect that others know there are like minded that also object and hence be more likely to nip things in the bud.
Mind you, having forum moderators that can do that is an real blessing. (Provided they aren't self-interested or biased as per a few sites I know!)
Besides, forums are committed in writing which is a big advantage. (And post-deleters have the joys of caches etc to work with lol.)

I agree with eyecon about the value of forums like this.
Whilst any forum can be of knowledge and fiscal benefit to its audience, this type of forum is IMO far more valuable - albeit to a more select audience - due to the age and rarity of its "target", and the rarity of documentation, sparts, etc. (Think of the poor ~1986-1989 RB Gemini owners - workshop manuals weren't released in Australia!)

I think too that these forums have better resources than clubs in that whilst there may still be sponges and those seeking profit, the biggest contributors are those wanting to give and share info. eyecon is typical of that - I have so often marveled his many threads and postings.
Then there is the power of interactive discussion and brainstorming, and often killing of misinformation and bad ideas. Not to mention again the aforementioned saving of effort and expense by some posting their solutions. Oops - I mentioned it again!

IMO forums are more likely to capture that spirit of what many clubs were originally about.
The beauty too is that if a forum them meets, it is less likely to have or tolerate undesirable elements. Or am I being idealistically naive again?

And of course forums like this can spread readership further and much easier.
And what a huge benefit international information and resources have! (I think again of the BGCC/ICCA and its resourceful members.) We can get or swap parts as well as constructive information. And we can still arrange group buys or production runs, and probably from better suppliers.

Thanks again to eyecon.
And a big thanks to you makoto for your valuable information. I suffer forumfobia and don't seek involvement in "new" forums so your insight is a nice freebie.
(My last major involvement was with (I think) IsuzuPage or similar. Some bullsh had started here about 'merkan lawyers out to suppress "Belletts" etc. LOL - it was little more than Isuzu wanting to stop the use of unapproved logos.)

Enuff from me. Again.

So gentlewomen and gentlemen, start your engines!
IZU069 - ISUZU means a lot to me.
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Post by Piazza_man »

Dito that IZU069. And makoto thanks for putting things into perspective for us down under folk, and always a welcome addition to this forum m8. You won't find any Storm punks on this site :) We have some really good people and selfless contributors on this forum, which are the true assets here.
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