Welcome to the Piazza Search

Joe and Chris, in search of the last Holden Piazza?s in Australia. Discuss their adventures here
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Welcome to the Piazza Search

Post by JoeyK »

Hi All,

As promised we've got a forum up and running to make it easier for everyone to get in touch and swap hints and tips for keeping the little beasts on the road.

Chris and I have met a stack of awesome people with some great cars, so hopefully a fair few get on here and share their knowledge with clueless idiots like myself.

Happy posting!

Joe and Chris

Post by **CUMMINS** »

excellent. another excuse to join another net forum Smile nerds are cool dammit.

good luck with the last few days of the trip. have you put on as many kilos as chris joe?? :p

Post by piazza »

Hey all,

Just found out that Isuzu Piazza is featured in the new Gran Turismo 4 PS2 game!! I never thought I'd see the day... Very Happy

happy gaming.

Post by krilx »

yeah we have already won one on that game its kool
Your Average Taxpayer

Post by Your Average Taxpayer »

Hey congrats guys on your safe return from the piazza oz sojourn.

beer babes sex and surf is what i expect to hear at the Telegraph tonite at 9pm!

and lets not make any mention of the banal use of your average taxpayers cash now will we?! Smile

there are 4 forumers on line at present - i cant believe this journey has been such a roaring success!

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