Motor week - Retro review '88 Impulse turbo

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Motor week - Retro review '88 Impulse turbo

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Good find!

So the 400Nm G200W wasn't powerful enough? You can't get that torque (with a mere exhaust change) from the 4ZC1-t which has the same st'd power (~135HP though the 400Nm G200W retune with st'd pistons is 150HP, but that's irrelevant when you have 400Nm!).

The reference to the 'sedan on which it was based' is IMO amusing. I wonder how many Gemini owners reckon the Gemini is a bad handler? But the Piazza does add nearly 400kg to the 'original' Gemini's weight.

To see an analog dash with the 4ZC1-t engine...

I wonder how much of the Piazza's poor performance was due to GM's sabotaging of the Piazza...

That link has some other Isuzu goodies that I'll probably watch later. I did see the head fitting to the 4ZE1. (OMG - he used Prepsol and not petrol to wipe the (head-) gasket surfaces. No sabotage there.)
And the Isuzu truck getting past the other bogged makes... IMO that's typical, but of course that was not filmed in the USA.

Thanks for posting.
IZU069 - ISUZU means a lot to me.
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