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getting organised

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With the new structure and renewed vigour what about getting better organised on the support side? I have often thought that among the the lot of us (core group at least) there will be a huge resource of spare parts, eveybody will have something tucked away and often if they are like me you end up with more of certain items than you could ever need or use. I have started a spread sheet of my stuff and while it is still a work in progress it highlighted that I have more stuff than I could have imagined that has built up over time. As an example I have dismanlted two cars completely myself and shared in another right down to the last nut and bolt. I have no intention of listing all that sort of stuff but when I glance at it I see things like heater servo motors, window switches, cigar lighters, wiper arms, relays and other controllers etc etc. All the sort of things that when you need them could be hard to get. The next logical step in my tiny mind was how about a database.

If we could construct a skeleton index along the same lines as the workshop manual layout for catagories and list the more common parts people could add what they have that is or may be available if needed.

For example If some poor sod in queensland needs the motor that opens the face flap on his heater to stop his face going all sweaty he could have alook at the database, see what is available and where located and PM the appropriate person.

Its hardly a centralised spare parts store but with parts getting harder to get it could be a winner. As an example i have manged to locate some OEM NOS gearbox tail shaft oil seals. When i needed one a few months back there was one in Christchurch NZ and one in Perth according to the GM computer. You can't buy after market as they are a bastard size. Outer axle bearings for the torque tube diff fall into the same catagory but I have found a source for those also.

At this stage I'm not suggesting we try and list using OEM part numbers, description would do I think. I know that in the past there have been contributions for members along the lines of what parts can be got and from where etc. but the info tends to get lost in the woods. This could be a specific place for this info as well where it can be listed with like items.

For example in the heating and air con section for heater matrix a comment line can be added that Hyundai Excel/pony 89/90 models are almost identical in size and shape and the valve is easily adapted.

It is just a little frustrating that I have had to throw stuff away due to lack of space that I would have happily given to anyone willing to pay the postage.

It may be the idea will fall flat or not generate enough interest but i think it could be worth a discussion, perhaps a topic for a chat session?
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