(All sorted out) WTB: 5spd gearbox (Piazza, not Gemini/MUA)

After a Piazza or just some parts. Here's the place to go.
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(All sorted out) WTB: 5spd gearbox (Piazza, not Gemini/MUA)

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Hey folks, super long shot here.

I wouldn't mind buying a Piazza gearbox, mine's done a bearing and I intend to rebuild it. However, in the meantime, it'd be nice to put something else in, and Gemini gearboxes have a different output spline, and MUA boxes are physically different including the shifter (it may be possible, but not a path I'd bother with).

I'm happy to pay for postage to get it to me (Adelaide, SA) depending on the price of the gearbox. If the cost of the gearbox is too high I'll just hold off and rebuild mine, but if anyone's looking to sell one, or even swap for a Gemini 5spd (of which I have many), I'm interested.

PM me, and/or reply here - I don't visit overly often so you may need to be patient...

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