Used Impulse wheels, NC $80+

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Used Impulse wheels, NC $80+

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Condition: Used


You are bidding on a set of four barely used original aluminum alloy 14 X 6 wheels for a first generation (1983-1989) Isuzu Impulse. They have a 4 X 100mm lug pattern, making them compatible with the first gen. (81-84) RWD Isuzu I-mark, Chevy Chevette, Pontiac T-1000, and Honda Civic, among others. You can find charts on the 'net to see what lug patterns different vehicles have. The wheels are in great shape with the exception of one which has a slightly marred surface (see pic detail). The lug nuts are stock black ones with 12mm X 1.5 threads. If you have an early Impulse with the checkerboard wheels, these are a good appearance upgrade. ... 4747QQrdZ1

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