D4P80-01 2503 distributors - anyone?

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D4P80-01 2503 distributors - anyone?

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Greetings ye that still look at these olde non-faceboob forums!

I seek info on a G200W Piazza style "optispark" distributor type D4P80-01 2503 (Isuzu p/n 8942313342) which has an elongated REF slot. (REF slots being the 4 inner slots.)
The G200W Piazza dizzies I have seen typically have no REF slot elongation - eg, D4P80-01 9602 types (Isuzu p/n 8942313343 - one up from the elongated version).

The info I seek is who's got them, what were they off, etc etc?
Or if you know what other vehicles have the same slotted disc (eg, Nissan? EXA?) to save me looking...?

I'll spare you my usual ramble/boredom explaining why (but feel free to ask), I'll merely say it involves a factory G161W EFI which we all know don't exist ... well, not as a production release anyhow.

Thanking you in anticipation.
IZU069 - ISUZU means a lot to me.
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