Gearbox Bellhousings

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Gearbox Bellhousings

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Have asked this question on a few groups but haven't been able to get a sure fire answer so here goes.

I've got a g200z piazza 5 speed (MSG box I presume) Have collected everything for a g200w swap from a parts car but it was auto and know that I need to change the bellhousing on my current manual box to fit the Twincam.

Aside from a genuine Twincam piazza box what else can I look for to swap the front half/bellhousing protion onto my single cam box.

From what I have seen all msg boxes are "the same" except for which side the starter motor is on. Mine is currently drivers side and need it on the passenger side.

C190 and c223 diesels are the same as g200w? May require the diesel starter motor?
Also seen conflicting answers around 4zd1 and 4ze1 having the starter on the passenger side.

I understand there's differences between late and early, bearing types etc but will be trying to keep everything from my box, minus bellhousing ofcourse

Any info is much appreciated. Is the only thing stopping me from making the Twincam swap at the moment
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Re: Gearbox Bellhousings

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Did you have any luck?
I have no idea, seems everyone has run away to Facebook groups now :axe:
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