Inlet and dizzy - some in-depth questions...

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Inlet and dizzy - some in-depth questions...

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Hi all,

I need some specific info on the Piazza inlet manifold and dizzy.

First of all, I want to refer to this thread on ozgem, which has some AWESOME info, and which I will be poring over for the next few days: ... azza+inlet

Now. What I need to know.

- Should an Aussie 4ZC1T piazza dizzy have a vacuum advance pot on it? My "Piazza dizzy" doesn't, but the other Piazza does.

- Vacuum lines. What's essential? This is going *in a Piazza* and I want to retain full functionality of the car. I'm not overly fussed about all pollution gear being in order, but I want all features of the car to function correctly, run smoothly etc.

- Cruise control. How does it work? I see the big round lump of an assembly, but where does it regulate the throttle? My throttle body looks like it has two mount points for an accelerator cable - one as it should be, on top, and one on the bottom that looks backwards. What the??

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

I can get pics tonight, let me know what you need details on to help out.
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