Alternator option

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Alternator option

Post by wedgenut »

In the past there has been the odd drama looking for alternators to fit and I think I have it solved. I took a turbo alternator in to a local jap parts importer and he let me fossick around his shelves. Guess what? Success, I found one that is the same make (Nippon Denso) same chassis size and shape with all the right mounting holes and adjuster arm holes in the same arrangement and the mounting to pulley position correct. t has the same electrical arrangement as well but you need to get the wiring plug that comes with it to graft to the piazza wires as it is an oval instead of round system plug. the "B" post is in a slightly different position as well but that is no real hassle. The best bit of all is that it fits toyota camry, windom, soarer and a few others so easy to get because toyotas are like arseholes, everyone has one! Typically available for around $120 so cheaper than getting a set of brushes and bearings fitted and if the diodes or regulator are stuffed you are up for at least twice if not three times as much.

When I think of it I will write down the model number somewhere for future refence
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Re: Alternator options

Post by Piazza_man »

Having just gone through this process I will chime in with a couple of recommendations of my own. First one is off a Toyota Cressida. Part number off this supplier is 422-65-8310, but this one is almost identical in every way to the factory Piazza. Same chassis, shaft size, mount holes, 70amp (-5amp to Piazza), B post location, and round plug location. When I say identical, I mean identical. The only thing that would need swapping was the Piazza pulley which was also an easy direct swap with no machining required.
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Second option is off a Holden Jackaroo 6VD1, part number from the same supplier is 458-65-8327. This one has the identical size chassis, shaft size, mounting points and amps as the Piazza, but the B post was pointing down, and the round plug was located on the other side of the back cover. It’s as if all they did was rotate the back plate 180 degrees.
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I actually went for the Jackaroo version because with the bigger turbo compressor housing on my car it was now sitting incredibly close and above the factory alternator B post (a few mm gap).
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With the 6VD1 post now on the bottom it was now well away from any potential shorting or arching (which happened last time when I tried slipping compressor hose clamp over the rubber boot of the B post that was now slightly torn). The factory wiring plugged straight in, and the factory pulley was an easy direct swap with no machining required.
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EBay also sell one for the Piazza, with 80amps and the B post poking out the back which also works: ... media=COPY
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