Fuse-links needed also....!

Need parts for your impulse? Look here
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Fuse-links needed also....!

Post by speedracerles »


Just need the parts that conect to the battire!Image
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Post by IZU069 »

Unless you want to keep it original, I suggest upgrading to newer plastic flinks.

Though many types exist, on my Wasp I use the older female plug-in flink (20A to 100A though I recommend bolt-in types like the male plug-in flink for currents above 40 or 50A.

But the biggest Piazza flink is B (Black) = 1mm^2 = 26A capacity (so ordinary blade fuses will do - though I recommend beefing up the alternator to battery capacity etc.

I use a battery-post mounted 3-flink box from a Hyundai (as I recall) with all female plug-in flinks and the center flink can be disconnected from the battery.
Toyota uses the same but with the center flink a male bolt/plug-in type, and hard-metalled to the battery post.

I last worked on a suitable installation method (with (IMO) improved flink connectivity) compatible with the standard 1986 4ZC1-t Holden Piazza wiring back in 2008. (As I recall, one Piazza wire was rated UNDER its flink!).

As I recall, you had some funny arrangement. The 3-pin flink segment should be 3 flinks from the battery +12V whereas your red wire-flink loops the harness.
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