Cruise Control electronics (4ZC1-t Piazza)

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Cruise Control electronics (4ZC1-t Piazza)

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More of a stub or prelim info for now, but recently I found the cruise control boxes from my 1986 4ZC1-t Piazza & the one I bought separately for my1989 UBS17 4ZE1 Jackaroo and noted their similarity. Naturally curiosity intervened.

In summary, both PCBs are the same.
The Piazza has some added links and components, and a few resistor changes (at least one that I noted).
Hence should there ever be a need to replace the original Aussie type cruise control box there is the possibility of a cross-mod.

Hardware Details:

Piazza Cruise Control 8-94422-586-0 (JR1; 62E. Also marked CONT: CRUISE; ET70-059 DC12V; K62E JIDECO JAPAN).

Jackaroo Cruise Control: 8-94448-742-3 (UBS 94H. Also marked CONT: CRUISE; ET70-160 DC12V; K94H JIDEC JAPAN).

Both metal boxes are the same except the Piazza has same height almost mid-mounted fixing flanges/tangs whereas the UBS's 2 tangs are diagonally displaced.
As above, both PCB versions (but not component count) are identical and (therefore) have the same 14-way socket with 13 pins fitted.
The box covers are folded over & crimped to the mounting base.

Note - the UBS controller is at version 3 - I wonder how the first 3 versions differed?

Of course I prefer more modern (stepper?) motor controlled cruise controls and like the Piazza wiper, climate, & other controllers would probably replace using an 8-pin 08M2 PICAXE etc should replacements or upgrades be a problem, but in case this becomes an issue for Piazza owners.

I or others may augment this thread with further info & detail.

BTW - never underestimate the interchangeability of Isuzu parts. I use diff centres (banjos) that have a spread of 30 years, and door rests with a spread of 40 years.
IZU069 - ISUZU means a lot to me.
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