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Post by rodavo » Sat Jan 27, 2007 9:12 pm

A hall effect of photoelectric signal is more accurate than the reluctor pickup since they both produce a square wave output and a reliable output voltage throughout the entire rev range. You will find that your timing can vary at different rpms using the reluctor and hence it is not as accurate. This is not generally too much of a problem on a street car, but when you are tuning a high performance engine to output every kw of power possible, an inaccuracy of even 1 degree of ignition timing can be disasterous. Plus the reluctor setup can be a little fidely to setup compared to a photoelectric or hall effect.

Im running a 4ZE1 dizzy in mine with a custom 60 minus 2 tooth trigger wheel and it works great. I had trouble trying to get the standard optical wheel of the Rodeo working properly with the Motec, probably could have been done but at the time the custom trigger wheel was the easiest option.

Which Microtech are you going to run? What options does it have as far as crank angle sensors go?

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Post by brendan » Sun Jan 28, 2007 4:07 pm

i have the microtech lt8s stand alonbe computer which has been based tuned already to fit the piazza, on the wiring diagram they supplied it shows how to fit it to hall effect, reluctor type bosch module, but i cant see a crank angle sensor type shown, but this computer is supposed to be able to be tuned to most 4cylinder engines i thin it could be hooked up to a cas later on

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